Master of Arts

The School of Design and Construction offers an exciting Master of Arts in Interior Design degree focused on environment and design applications within the context of a cross-disciplinary program. The program increases students’ understanding of the relationship between human behavior and interior environments through advanced study and hands-on research.

The program also builds on the design studio experience to provide students with an opportunity for further exploration and discovery in the field. Students gain knowledge and skills that prepare them to analyze information and relationships, evaluate issues, and set priorities, while creating functional and high quality design solutions for complex projects.

The graduate program is offered in three tracks:

1-year M.A.
For current interior design majors at WSU.  Qualified students may apply during the fall semester of the senior year.

2-year M.A.
For candidates with an existing interior design degree or a degree from an allied design discipline. Post-professional graduate studies culminate in a master’s thesis and is appropriate for those who are interested in advanced design research and/or preparation for teaching.

3-year M.A.
For candidates without a prior degree in interior design. The 3-year M.A. requires completion of foundation courses building integral skills in design; graduate core classes; electives in support of design skills and interdisciplinary research interests; and independent work towards completion of the master’s project. The 3-year curriculum is designed to accelerate a person toward meeting professional standards in preparation for practice, as well as to challenge the student in areas of advanced research and critical thinking.

The graduate program in interior design requires one study tour/travel engagement experience for graduation. Students can choose from a variety of options to fulfill this requirement, including domestic and international travel (see off-campus study).

Admission Requirements

View the M.A. Interior Design Graduate Program Handbook (PDF) for more information about admission and program requirements.