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We are pleased that you plan to study in the School of Design and Construction (SDC) at Washington State University. We are committed to helping you succeed, and a significant part of this success depends on ensuring your first math course at WSU properly matches your current math abilities. Here are some suggestions to help ensure your success:

  • Review the schedule of study for your intended major. While some academic plans can be completed in four years, others can take longer based on your incoming math level. The architectural studies and construction management programs require specific [QUAN] requirements for admission and/or advancement in the major. If prerequisite courses are part of your plan, it may take longer to gain admission to the major and/or complete your degree.
    • Construction Management Example: If you plan to major in construction management but your ALEKS placement test score puts you in Math 103, it will take 2 years at a minimum to meet admission to the major requirements since you will have to take Math 103, Math 106, Math 108, and then Math 171 [Calculus]. From the point of admission to the major (which happens at the end of spring semester for the upcoming fall term) the construction management curriculum is 3 years. The benefit of taking longer is that you can also take additional UCORE classes and other classes that do not require admission (e.g. ACCTG 230, BLAW 210). Also, your credit load will not be so high each semester in the major.
    • Architectural Studies Example: The architectural studies program does not require Math 171; however, the program does require Physics 101 (lecture and 111 (lab). A prerequisite for enrollment in Physics is MATH 108 with a grade of C or better or a minimum ALEKS math placement score 75%. Students in architectural studies are required to complete Physics prior to enrollment in third year courses.
  • Take the required ALEKS math placement assessment prior to New Coug Orientation. Freshmen coming to Washington State University are required to take a math placement assessment through ALEKS for placement into their first math class. Additionally, all new transfer students who do not already have credit for a course that satisfies the mathematics proficiency requirement are required to take the ALEKS math placement assessment. There are exceptions for AP credit.
  • Transfer any earned math college credits to WSU. Previously earned college credit in a mathematics course may be transferable to WSU. Check with an SDC academic advisor or visit our Transfer Course Search Tool for a list of transfer course equivalencies.


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These advising guides are intended for informational purposes. Advisors will work individually with students to finalize academic plans based on prior credit, test scores, etc.