Matt Melcher and Bob Krikac at graduation ceremony with student.



Director Peschel launched this challenge in the Winter 2024 Newsletter with the following statement. “As we all know, a new year brings new opportunities and challenges. As we get ready for the start of the new semester, I am launching the SDC Director’s Challenge to encourage alumni, industry partners, and friends of the School to help us garner more philanthropic support for our students, faculty, and staff. I am personally committing to match donations (between now and June 30th) up to $3,000. A gentleman once told me to “put my money where my mouth is” as I was discussing a potential donation. With that as motivation, I believe in the SDC and continue to be impressed with the work our faculty, staff, and students produce on a regular basis…so much so, that I’m willing to contribute to achieving this goal.”

Give to the SDC Excellence Fund to support our school initiatives and priorities that have impact across all of the degree programs. The current focus areas of the fund are students, faculty, and spaces. The Director’s Challenge has been established to jump start our fundraising efforts that will support SDC faculty and students in their endeavors to achieve success in the classroom and beyond. Faculty and students alike benefit from experiential opportunities and classroom enhancements that can be implemented with the support of our alumni, industry partners, and friends of the SDC.


The SDC is seeking your assistance in supporting the students via funding for participation in conferences, competitions, site visits, etc. to facilitate engagement with industry organizations, network with industry, and expand their knowledge base beyond the classroom. These opportunities serve to open students minds and have positive impacts that can influence their future.


The SDC is seeking your assistance in supporting the faculty via funding for attendance at conferences to disseminate their research or for continuing education to enhance their knowledge base or improve classroom pedagogy. These opportunities bring the classroom alive with the injection of research topics or industry practices while adding to the education and experiences offered to the students. Additionally, these opportunities support faculty in their pursuit of tenure and/or promotion.


The SDC is seeking your assistance in upgrading equipment with the latest technology, including VR and AR tools, 8k monitors, video conferencing equipment, etc. that will be similar to what students will access in internships and full-time positions. These tools will serve to supplement and/or improve the student learning experience in their classes and studios.

Supporting these areas will collectively add value to the education and opportunities available to the students in the SDC. Thank you for your continued investment in the future of the design and construction industry.


If you would like to support teaching assistants or student scholarships for a specific academic program, you can learn more about each program’s excellence funds at the following links:


Dana Sprouse
Director of Development
Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
Phone: 253-987-5052