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Advisory Boards

Advisory boards play an integral part in the development of the school. Composed of professionals from the four disciplines, they act as a sounding board for new programs, initiatives, and curriculum development for the SDC; serve as an advocacy and communication vehicle for the SDC to other alumni and professionals; help to facilitate fundraising and development activities; and participate in symposiums, lectures and presentations.

The SDC has a central advisory board and program boards for Architecture (ARCH), Construction Management (CM), Interior Design (ID) and Landscape Architecture (LA). We greatly value and appreciate the dedicated alumni and friends who serve on the board!

SDC Central Board

Marjorie Chang Fuller Hoffman Construction
Mark Brands Site Workshop
Darrin Chestnut PCL Construction
Derrick Eberle Baumwelt
Jennifer Fleming RiceFergus Miller
Becky Barnhart Integrus Architecture
Jenny Bengeult Momentum Inc.
Todd Enoki Bench Dog Architecture


Construction Management Board

Corey Anderson Fisher Construction
Marjorie Chang Fuller Hoffman Construction
Darin Chestnut PCL Construction
Kathryn Emtman Amazon
Marc Everson Abbott Construction
Mahmood Ghassemi Sequoyah Electric
Brad Kirkpatrick Kiewit
Gus Simonds MacDonald Miller
Steve Sunich SGS Associates, LLC
Tess Wakasugi-Don GLY
Jason Wandler Oles Morrison
Todd Williams Exxel Pacific


Architecture Board

Matt Laase Jackson Main Architecture
Amy Perenchio ZGF Architecture
Brian Bonar MG2
Jeff Yrazabal SRG Partnership
Steve Neiger YGH Architecture
Tom Sheldon GGLO
Nicole Verkist Miller Hull
Todd Enoki Bench Dog Architecture
Becky Barnhart Integrus Architecture


Landscape Architecture Board

Kerstin Dettrich The Land Group Inc.
Jason M. Anderson Design 24/26
Mark Brands Site Workshop
Katie Bang Woodland Park Zoo
Lucas Vannice Site Workshop
Holly Williams KPG
Craig Anderson AHBL
Peg Staeheli SVR Design
Derrick Eberle Baumwelt
Jason Henry Berger Partnership


Interior Design Board

Janel Fausti ZGF
Jenny Bengeult Momentum
Jennifer Fleming RiceFergus Miller 
Marian Evans MMEC 
Mary Knopf ECI Alaska 
Cherie McNabb Forbo 
Louis Lanthier Legacy Group Interiors 
Vicki Mueller Knoll (retired)