WSU LA students at the WASLA Conference in Spokane.

Landscape Architecture


Contact Treva Beebe, Academic Advisor:

LA student design work depicting a wetland education trail.
Image by Mallak Al-Salmi

Landscape Architecture Accreditation


Learn how to change the world with a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from WSU.

Landscape architecture is more than working with plants. Landscape architects combine art, science, and community engagement to create meaningful outdoor places that emphasize health and sustainability, for people and for the planet.

At WSU you’ll explore the breadth of the landscape architecture profession and learn in a studio environment that inspires ingenuity and collaboration. You’ll have the chance to work on a variety of project types, including parks, plazas, gardens, streetscapes, campuses, and trails, and you’ll get outside often, seeing new places across urban, rural, and wild settings.

Join us to to study one-on-one with faculty and practitioners, continually develop your skills, and prepare for an active career designing places of beauty, justice, and purpose.

Got a project for a landscape architect?

Please consider the following prior to contacting us. The Landscape Architecture Program’s studio and Community Design Team projects  

  • Meet community-identified goals or concerns and/or advance the work of a non-profit or public organization –Benefit a historically excluded population and/or serve the public good 
  • Do not support or incite violence, hatred, or discrimination 
  • Do not actively promote a specific faith or solely serve members of a religious group or political organization 
  • Do not provide direct benefits to a private entity and/or for-profit organization  

If you have a project for us to consider, please contact Jolie Kaytes, Program Head or Steve Austin, Faculty Advisor for the student-led Community Design Team