Following admission to WSU, a student may be admitted to the architectural studies major provided they meet the criteria published in the WSU Catalog. Once admitted to a major, a student will maintain good standing in their major by completing the required benchmarks as outlined in the catalog. (Academic Regulation 53).

The B.A. Interior Design is a four-year program structured into one year of pre-professional coursework and three years of major (professional) coursework. Professional program courses begin in second year fall. Due to the sequential nature of courses there are no spring admits. To be considered for admission into the interior design program, a student must have completed the following pre-professional coursework (or their approved equivalents), each with a grade of C or better and an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher, and submit an application:

  • COM 102 [COMM]
  • ENGLISH 101 [WRTG]
  • FINE ART 101, 201, or 202 [ARTS]
  • HIST 105 [ROOT]
  • PSYCH 105 or SOC 101 [SSCI]
  • SDC 100, 120, and 140

Students not meeting the admission to major criteria above will be considered until enrollment limits are reached. Average enrollment limit into the second year of the interior design major are 25 students. Greater emphasis is given to performance in SDC 100, 120, and 140. Completion of all pre-professional coursework does not guarantee acceptance into the professional program. Although admission is competitive, all students who meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply.


  • SDC 100 is offered in fall and spring.
  • SDC 120 is offered in fall.
  • SDC 140 is offered in spring.
  • SDC 120 (or approved transfer equivalency) with a grade of C or better is a prerequisite for enrollment in SDC 140.
  • Please contact an advisor for questions about transfer equivalency and/or preparation necessary for the SDC 120/140 sequence.


A limited number of transfer students are considered each year. To be considered, transfer students must have completed all pre-professional courses (or approved equivalents) and apply for admission to the major. The Transfer Course Search tool assists with planning the transfer of courses to WSU. Emphasis is given to cumulative GPA. A design portfolio may be requested for additional evaluation.