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Vahid Vahdat

Vahid Vahdat

Assistant ProfessorInterior Design 509-335-5539 Carpenter Hall 114 PO Box 642220

Vahid Vahdat is an architect, interior designer, and historian of architecture and urban form. His primary field of research is the theory and history of modern architecture and urban space, with an emphasis on non-Western experiences of modernity. He is the author of “Occidentalist Perceptions of European Architecture in Nineteenth Century Persian Travel Diaries—Travels in Farangi Space.” The book has been commended by reviewers for its “compelling and convincing interpretations […] grounded in archival and architectural evidence.”

Dr. Vahdat’s interest in perception and representation extends to his studios, where he takes advantage of the freedom and abstraction that virtual reality offers to encourage a utopian reification of interiority. This pedagogical project explores space as it is simultaneously occupied and engendered in virtual interiority, particularly in cinematography. This interest in architecture and cinema has led him to chair the 2019 Architecture & Film Symposium, publish on the interior structure of filmic expression, and offer graduate seminars on the cinematographic dimension of spatial experience.

Dr. Vahdat has held academic positions in the US and abroad, including at the University of Houston and Texas A&M University. He joined the SDC faculty at Washington State University in 2019.


Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Texas A&M University.

Master of Urban Design, University of Tehran.

Bachelor of Architecture, Yazd University.