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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

5.6 SDC 444 (Integrated Study Tour) RFP

What:  Proposals are solicited for the delivery of SDC 444 (Integrated Study Tour).  Faculty are encouraged to jointly deliver the one (1) credit supportive elective course with colleagues outside their fields to foster interdisciplinarity, broaden expertise and delivery of content, and spread responsibilities of additional teaching load.

Due:  For delivery in fall semester: (March 1). For delivery in spring semester (November 1). Please send electronically to the academic program manager.

Format:  No more than two (2) pages total, single-spaced, 11 point font.

Eligibility:  All SDC faculty who are scheduled to be on appointment in upcoming fall or spring semester.

Proposal Requirements

  • Brief synopsis of the proposed course.
  • Course outcomes (e.g., publications, presentations, gallery shows, boards, symposia).
  • General outline of class meetings and assignments.
  • General recruitment/marketing (publicity) plan for the course (prior, during, and after).
  • Proposed study tour location(s), and compelling rationale as to why there.
  • How course/tour contributes to broader research, creative scholarship, or strategic initiative(s) for students, faculty, or the SDC.
  • Basic description of sites visited and/or assignments undertaken during tour.
  • Names of other faculty who might collaborate on course and/or accompany tour to assist.
  • Contacts and/or information about on-the-ground assistance during tour (if any).

Selection Criteria

  • Do course outcomes advance SDC, college, university, or personal research initiative(s)?
  • Does tour and course demonstrate integration amongst SDC disciplines?
  • Extent to which course content is linked with tour location and general rigor of course/tour.
  • Creativity and uniqueness of location, assignments, outcome.
  • Clarity and thoroughness of proposal.
  • Proposed budget.[1]
  • Publicity plan, including enrollment limits and deadlines.[2]

Decisions:  Decisions typically rendered two weeks after submission deadline.  If selected by the leadership team, instructors will be notified and encouraged to advertise and/or present their course to students beginning April 1 for fall semester trip and December 1 for spring semester trip.

Other Considerations

  • Faculty selected to teach SDC 444 are responsible for planning course content and trip from beginning to end (including the flights, hotels, and itinerary). Staff will be available for consultation regarding university policies and to facilitate travel and purchasing contracts and transactions.
  • SDC 444 will include a domestic-only trip.  International travel for undergraduates will be permitted only under other course numbers and must work with the deadlines imposed by the International Programs/Global Learning.
  • In an effort to minimize/coordinate absences, the travel portion of SDC 444 should take place during “study tour week” (typically the first week of October in fall semester and the week before spring break in spring semester).
  • Faculty may choose to connect the content of SDC 444 to other courses they (or others) are teaching, but cannot require students those students not enrolled in both classes to complete any assignments that cross both courses.
  • The SDC 444 course may offer a design component, but is not required to do so. If included, the design component must be broad enough to encompass the abilities of all majors in the SDC.  Faculty members must keep in mind that selection for the course may be based, in part, upon their ability to integrate a range of students in different disciplines at varying levels into the course.

[1] The course fee for SDC 444 is set at $1,600 per student.  Proposals will need to include information about the projected budget/expenditures. The course fee must cover all projected expenses for students and faculty/staff involved with travel.

[2] Enrollment caps and commitment dates will be determined each semester.