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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

4.7 Course Fee Refunds for Study Tour Courses


Students are charged a nonrefundable course fee or program fee commensurate with the cost of airfare, lodging, and transportation for courses involving study tours and/or deemed a study tour course.[1] Meals and personal incidentals are the responsibility of each student. All courses involving international travel will be subject to policies, procedures, and fees as determined by Global Learning in the Office of International Programs.


All travel is arranged by designated school faculty and staff. Nonattendance of study tour for any reason other than documented medical conditions or other reasons approved in advance will result in forfeiture of the course fee and impact on the final grade, including the need to withdraw from the course, and/or a failing grade for the course.

Participation Agreement Form

Students participating in courses involving study tours and/or deemed a study tour course will be required to sign a participation agreement form (SDCPPM 4.11). The purpose of the form is to provide information pertinent to the faculty and/or staff member involved with arranging travel, and to serve as an agreement between the student and the school regarding costs incurred by participation.

The participation agreement form will provide a deadline for notification of non-participation with an understanding that after the deadline, students will be held liable for any charges that have occurred on his/her behalf (e.g. airfare, lodging, and other nonrefundable reservations or payments).

Exceptions to Policy

In the case of documented medical conditions or other reasons approved in advance, the student may petition for a refund of the course fee. The petition will be reviewed by the faculty and/or staff member involved with the study tour, along with the administrative manager, academic program manager, program coordinators, and/or director as necessary. University deadlines relative to refund of the course fee and university approved adjustments on a pro-rated schedule will be considered when rendering a decision. Every effort will be made to work with the student for a refund without negatively impacting the course fee budget and integrity of the study tour itinerary. At the discretion of the director, all students may be refunded a portion of the course fee at the end of the semester if the amount charged was in excess of travel expenses.

[1] For example, SDC 444; I_D 477; LND_ARCH 333; and/or program fees for international travel/Global Learning