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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

4.6 Travel Requirements

It is crucial that students in the design and construction professions be exposed to a range of built environments, places, ideas, cultures, and experiences that are not readily available in the Palouse—and difficult to teach in the classroom.  Travel experience is integral to the SDC curriculum and contributes to a transformative education, as indicated in strategic plans for both the SDC and WSU.  Travel experience for students in the SDC is defined in a variety of ways:

  • Embedded into courses labeled as “study tours” where travel is integral to the course.[1]
  • Woven throughout other courses in the curriculum.[2]
  • Included as professional development activities.[3]

Required Study Tours

Undergraduate students will complete one (1) required “study tour” course as indicated below:

  • B.S. Architectural Studies: ARCH 309 (Modern Architecture and Theory)
  • B.A. Interior Design: I_D 277 (Interior Design Study Tour I)
  • B. Landscape Architecture: LND_ARCH 222 (Landscape Arch Field Experience)

Graduate students will complete one (1) required “travel experience.”  What constitutes a travel experience may vary and is subject to approval by the graduate program coordinator of the particular program. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in the international study tour and course (SDC 555 Global Engagement in Design and Construction) to fulfill this requirement.

All students are encouraged to participate in additional study tours as available.

Supplementary Travel
All undergraduate and graduate students in the SDC will participate in further travel experiences throughout their scheduled coursework and via professional development activities (as indicated in footnotes 2 and 3 below).  The learning goals of each experience may vary, but will be spelled out beforehand and/or in course syllabi.

Fees and Enrollment Management
Students participating in study tours and courses involving travel will pay course fees or program fees commensurate with travel expenses. Study tour courses are set with a minimum/maximum limit of students; enrollment deadlines and commitment dates apply.  Current fees for courses involving travel are listed on the schedule of classes.

[1] For example, SDC 444 (Integrated Study Tour); I_D 477 (Interior Design Field Trip); LND_ARCH 333 (Landscape Architecture Field Experience II); and other faculty-led study tours/study abroad.

[2] For example, studio or project site visits; off-campus summer studios; and other experiences as determined by programs.

[3] For example, project/capstone presentations, conferences, competitions, portfolio reviews, or independent travel.