More than 100 construction management students will receive scholarships ranging from $100 to $2,750, thanks to the new Sunich COVID Relief Scholarship Fund.

Steve Sunich.The scholarships are provided by Steve Sunich, a second generation, construction management (CM) alumnus, who wanted to support students during the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. He provided more than $50,000 for scholarships and program enhancements.

“The CM program and our students are so incredibly fortunate to have alumni and advisory board members like Steve Sunich,” said Jason Peschel, the construction management program head in the School of Design and Construction.  “For as long as I have known him, Steve has always been incredibly generous. When discussing the financial impact on the students at our recent advisory board meeting, it was apparent that this struck a chord with Steve.  That he wanted to help students was not a surprise.””

The scholarships are tremendously important at this time, Peschel said. For some students, they mean not having to take time off from school and having money for their required course materials.

“This gift is truly affecting our students’ lives!”  Peschel said.

“When I thought about how I could help, it became apparent that students had immediate needs because of the COVID-19 hardships,” Sunich said. “I hope my donation helps some students stay in school and mitigate some of their expenses. I am very grateful to the construction management program for providing me a great education and will continue to support the program.”

Sunich graduated in 1982, following his father Paul’s footsteps.  One of his greatest memories from college was when Professor Don Poe entered class on the first day and called out his name. He asked, “Are you Paul’s son?” whom he had in class over 20 years prior.

Sunich has owned and operated a construction consulting company for the past 27 years, specializing in construction scheduling and delay analysis.  He has served on the Construction Management Board of Directors since 2017 and has guest lectured for the construction scheduling class for 16 years.

Sunich COVID Relief Scholarship recipient, Ty Schwartz, shared that he is taking advantage of his classes moving to an online format and has been able to work part time for a family business with the goal of paying off his student loans.

“I want to thank you for your generosity in funding the Sunich COVID Relief Scholarship,” said Schwartz. “Receiving this scholarship motivates me to continue working hard in the classroom so I am prepared to be in the work force.”