BA in Interior Design

Courses taken during the freshman year reflect the desire to have a fully integrated foundation experience (SDC 100, 120, 140) for all first year design students. The Global History of Design sequence (SDC 250 and SDC 350) and Professional Practice course (SDC 473) round out the required core curriculum shared by all design majors.

Travel is integral to the interior design curriculum and contributes to a transformative education. To facilitate the travel experience for students in the SDC, travel is embedded into courses labeled as “study tours,” woven throughout other courses in the curriculum, and included as part of professional development activities. For more information visit the Travel page.

Major Certification (pending; effective Fall 2018)

Students may qualify for guaranteed certification, or apply for certification during the spring semester of the first year as follows:

Guaranteed Certification: Students who have completed SDC 100, 120, 140 with a C or better grade; HISTORY 105; PSYCH 105 or SOC 101; COM 102; ENGLISH 101; and one fine arts course (FINE ART 101, 201, or 202) with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and who have an overall GPA of at least 3.2 in any courses taken that are required in the major (without repeating any required courses), are guaranteed certification into the Interior Design major.

Traditional Certification: Students who do not meet the criteria for guaranteed certification may apply at the end of the spring semester of the first year for traditional certification. Traditional certification requirements include completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours and earning a C or better grade in SDC 100, 120, and 140. Additional required courses are HISTORY 105; PSYCH 105 or SOC 101; COM 102; ENGLISH 101; and one fine arts course (FINE ART 101, 201, or 202). Transfer equivalents may be approved by the program. A minimum 2.5 WSU cumulative GPA is required to apply for certification. Students’ overall WSU GPA and major specific GPA from the courses listed above are considered in the application process.

Schedule of Studies

The plan below is a suggested path to completion of the interior design degree (120 credits). Students will meet with an advisor each semester to confirm academic schedule and monitor progress towards graduation. Students must earn a C or better in all courses required for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. All course descriptions are available in the WSU Catalog.

Interior Design advising sheet 2019-2020 (PDF)

First Year
First Term Hours
COM 102 [COMM] 3
SOC 101 [SSCI] or PSYCH 105 [SSCI] 3
SDC 100 3
SDC 120 3
Second Term Hours
FINE ART 101, 201, or 202 [ARTS] 3
Humanities [HUM] 3
Math pre-requisite (as needed) 3
SDC 140 3
Second Year
First Term Hours
I D 201 4
I D 205 3
I D 215 3
I D 277 1
SDC 250 3
Second Term Hours
Diversity [DIVR] 3
I D 197 3
I D 203 4
I D 297 3
SDC 350 [M] 3
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First Term Hours
I D 321 4
I D 325 3
I D 326 3
I D 397 3
Biological [BSCI] or Physical [PSCI] Science 3
Second Term Hours
I D 333 4
I D 415 3
I D 460 3
SDC 473 [M] 3
Biological [BSCI] or Physical [PSCI] Science w/ Lab 4
Fourth Year
First Term Hours
I D 425 or 4901 5
Supportive Electives 2 7
Second Term Hours
I D 426 [CAPS] 5
Supportive Electives2 7
Portfolio Review3


1 Students may pursue one of three options: 1) Internship Option – I D 490 and 7 credits supportive electives; 2) Study Abroad – I D 425, Italian Language, and 3 credits supportive electives; or 3) Community Studio – I D 425 and 7 credits of supportive electives.
2 Supportive Electives: At least 14 credits of any 300-400-level courses from ARCH, CST_M, I_D, DESIGN, LND_ARCH, or SDC, not used to fulfill major requirements. Italian Language course is considered a supportive elective for students who study abroad.
3 Portfolio review required final semester of program.

ID Advising Guide
 (current; fall 2017)

Transfer Students

Transfer Student Portfolio Guide (PDF)

All students admitted into the second year will be required to have a laptop computer: SDC Computer Requirements (PDF). Students may purchase their own or utilize the laptop rental service offered by CougTech.