Interior Design

If you are inspired by art, travel, culture; spaces, objects, materials, light; ideas, big and small.

If you care about how spaces look and feel and function; how design improves human health, productivity, happiness, sustainable design and lifestyles.

If you are a visual learner, detail oriented, creative.

Consider interior design.

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NCIDQ Pass Rates (CIDA Programs)

The NCIDQ Examination is founded on education and enhanced by experience. NCIDQ Certification assures interior designers are competent to meet industry standards not only for aesthetics but also for public health, safety and welfare. Washington State University’s pass rate is consistently higher than national averages:

  • 2016 IDFX Passing Rate: WSU (100%), National: (71% )
  • 2016 IDPX Passing Rate WSU (75%), National (59%)
  • 2016 Practicum Passing Rate: WSU (100%), National (62%)

Read more about pass rates here.