Because the school receives more applications from qualified students than can be accommodated, screening for entry into the second year is based on the applicant fulfilling the minimum requirements listed and the applicant’s overall gpa.

To be considered for admission, an applicant must:

1. Qualify for admission into Washington State University.

2. Complete the first year as listed herein under pre-construction management.

3. Complete the following courses with a grade of C or better: COM 102 or HD 205, CST M 102, HISTORY 105, HISTORY 120 or 121, ECONS 101, ECONS 102, ENGLISH 101, SOE (Geology) 101, MATH 171, and SDC 100. Successful completion of these courses does not guarantee certification into the program. Certification will be based on number of available seats, cumulative GPA, credits completed at time of application, and performance in required courses.

4. Complete and submit an application to the Construction Management program per the published deadlines and instructions: CERTIFICATION APPLICATION (online form).

5. Maintain an overall minimum gpa of 2.5.

Applications are evaluated at the end of the spring semester. Notification of acceptance or denial will be emailed to all applicants no later than June 1. Students must accept their certification offer by June 15, or their seat will be forfeited. After June 15, students who have confirmed their acceptance offer will be allowed to enroll in second year courses and must do so no later than June 30.