BS in Construction Management

The four year professional Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) and includes a comprehensive, relevant curriculum. The construction management program at Washington State University prepares students to plan, organize, manage, and build the creative, complex and exciting projects that make up the built environment.

The four-year program is structured into one year of pre-construction management and three years of construction education. The degree is for those students who wish to work in the profession of construction management or in a management capacity in other facets of the construction industry.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Advising Guide

Construction Management advising sheet 2019-2020 (PDF)

First Year, First Semester
COM 102 [COMM] or H D 205 [COMM] 3 or 4credits
ENGLISH 101 [WRTG] 3credits
ECONS 101 [SSCI] 3credits
SOE 101 (Geology) [PSCI] 4credits

First Year, Second Semester
CST M 102 2credits
ECONS 102 3credits
SDC 100 [ARTS] 3
HISTORY 120 [DIVR] or 121 [HUM] 3credits
MATH 171 [QUAN] 4credits

Second Year, First Semester
ARCH 351 3credits
CST M 201 3credits
CST M 222 2credits
CST M 254 2credits (pre-req to CST_M 252)
PHYSICS 101* 4credits (pre-requisite for CSTM 333)

Second Year, Second Semester
ACCTG 230 3credits
ARCH 352 3credits
B LAW 210 3credits
CST M 202 3credits
CST M 252 4credits (pre-req to CST_M 370)
Complete Writing Portfolio

Third Year, First Semester
C E 302 2credits
CST M 332 3credits
CST M 362 [M] 3credits
CST M 370 3credits
CST M 451 3credits

Third Year, Second Semester
Biological Sciences [BSCI] with lab 4credits
CST M 333 3credits
CST M 356 3credits
CST M 368 3credits
CST M 371 3credits (pre-req for CSTM 460)

Fourth Year, First Semester
ARCH 463 3credits
CST M 460 3credits
CST M 462 3credits
300-400-level CST M Elective 3credits
MGMT 301 3credits

Fourth Year, Second Semester
CST M 473 3credits
CST M 475 [M] [CAPS] 3credits
Diversity [DIVR] or Humanities [HUM]1 3credits
300-400-level Business Elective2 3
300-400-level CST M Elective 3

1 University Requirements include 3 credits of [HUM] and 3 credits of [DIVR].
2 ECONS 327, WOMEN ST 315, or any 300-400-level ACCTG, B LAW, ENTRP, FIN, HBM, I BUS, MGMT, MGTOP, MIS, or MKTG course not used to fulfill other requirements.

Students should consult the General Catalog for course planning and must meet course requirements as outlined in the catalog to graduate.

Construction Management students have the opportunity to participate study tours and foreign study options as available.