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Hoffman/McKinstry Construction Management BIM Lab

A significant percentage of firms in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry are engaged with building information modeling (BIM). Additionally, due to the diverse nature of construction projects, teams in the AEC industry are often separated by large distances. As part of their education, Washington State University must prepare construction management students to work with building information models face-to-face as well as mediated by technology. We do this by emulating a global working environment on campus.

This is where WSU’s Construction Management Building Information Modeling (BIM) Lab and associated curriculum comes into play. Construction Management students from WSU are already in high demand, and will be even more so if they enter the industry with hands-on experience with BIM technology. The BIM lab and curriculum give WSU students and faculty access to equipment, software, and updated classrooms that reflect current industry technology. Collaborating with BIM over distance requires a special set of technical and communication skills outside of the design, engineering, and project coordination skills WSU already provides students.

The CM BIM Lab at WSU educates students to:

• Create and navigate 3D, 4D, and 5D models
• Create a federated model for 3D coordination and clash detection
• Manipulate multiple models and documents in real time using various collaboration technologies
• Become versed in global industry practices
• Learn how to establish a BIM-based workflow and develop a BIM execution plan

Additionally, the impact of the BIM program will be far reaching across the school and college as it will serve approximately 200 construction management students annually, 120 civil engineering students annually, and an infinite number of future builders. The CM BIM lab adds practical application to research that WSU already does with BIM and has created teaching and learning spaces that allow for industry presentations and collaboration. Equipped with Smart Boards, computers + BIM software, and videoconferencing equipment the CM BIM Lab brings the room up to date and provides an enriched learning environment.

The BIM lab computers are equipped with Bluebeam Revu Extreme, Fuzor, and the following Autodesk products: Revit, Navisworks Manage, Next Generation BIM 360 (cloud platform), Assemble (cloud platform), and AutoCAD. Additionally, the lab hosts VR/AR equipment for student use.