Jolie Kaytes

Headshot Jolie Kaytes.

Program Head
Landscape Architecture
Daggy Hall 310
PO Box 642220

Jolie’s teaching and scholarship explore how landscapes are represented, bridge art and science, and contemplate the importance of place. She has written about the parallels between drawing and science; composed poetry about geology; curated exhibits of student work that invite citizens to imagine potential futures for their landscapes; and produced essays that consider the tangible and invisible marks people make in places. The objectives of her work are to facilitate acceptance of many positions about landscapes; engender invention, dialogue, and inquiry; and ultimately foster respect and care for the planet and those who inhabit it.

Jolie spent her formative years in South Florida, where she wandered along shorelines, slogged through sloughs, and conducted chaise lounge studies among subtropical flora and fauna. She holds a B.S. in Conservation and Resources Studies from the UC Berkeley and a Bachelors and Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon.