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Construction Management SLOs

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives

At Washington State University, student learning outcomes (SLOs) represent core skills and knowledge students should develop through a curriculum or program of study. SLOs provide students and faculty with a framework for understanding goals and expectations for a degree. WSU faculty provide students with SLOs at multiple levels, including university-wide, program-level, and course-level.


The mission of WSU-CM is to educate, prepare and provide opportunities for our students to become valuableĀ resources to our economy, the construction management profession and the built environment.


  • Achieve national and international preeminence in innovation, discovery and creativity.
  • Provide students with the highest quality education that incorporates a holistic awareness of social, political and global experiences.
  • Lead in relevant local, national, and global outreach and engagement.
  • Embrace an environment of diversity, integrity and transparency.