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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

3.5 Nomination Process for Program Heads


All current SDC faculty and staff are eligible to submit a nomination for any or all program head positions.  To be eligible for a head position, faculty need to be clinical, tenured, or tenure-track SDC faculty at the time of appointment.

Nominations must be sent, in writing, to the director (hard copy or electronic).  Nominations must include the name of the nominator and nominee, and should include a brief justification: longer than one sentence, but no longer than two paragraphs.  To avoid complications, it is advised that nominators consult with potential nominees ahead of time.  No self-nominations will be accepted.

Program heads will be granted a three-year renewable contract, officially starting around the beginning of the academic year (mid-August).

Proposed Timeline (may be altered depending upon year)

  • December: SDC Faculty-Staff meeting.  This draft document, along with the “Program Heads” (3.4) document, will be distributed and discussed.  All faculty and staff will receive electronic copies of both documents on the same day.
  • Early January: Nominations due. SDC Director contacts all nominees to reaffirm their interests; organizes nominations into single documents per program; and makes nominations available to current leadership team.
  • Mid-January: SDC Leadership Team convenes to discuss all nominations for each position. Any candidates with major conflicts of interest during discussion must temporarily recuse themselves (e.g. should current leadership team members be among the nominees).  Taking the nominations into account, leadership team provides director with recommendations.
  • Late-January. Director takes all nominations and leadership team recommendations under advisement and prepares final recommendations. Director forwards recommendations to dean. Upon approval by the dean, future program heads begin progressive “training” process during spring semester.