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Students: Want assistance with your job search or resume?

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See Sandi Brabb in the PPEL Office, EME 202H, for additional help with your job search, resume, cover letter, or interviewing.

Upcoming Events

  • Career Expo February 6

What to do NOW to Prepare for the WSU Career Expo (on Feb. 6)

Whether you are a freshman, senior, or graduate student, are you prepared to engage with employers? The following can help you shake off the winter break cobwebs and get ready for spring recruiting.

Handshake Profile Audit

  • Log into Handshake, WSU’s recruiting system (sign in
  • Ensure your information (GPA, major, graduation date, etc.) is correct.
  • Complete your profile.
  • Upload your résumé.

 Résumé Review

  • Time to check your résumé.
  • Include any experience you acquired over the winter break.
  • Make any necessary revisions.
  • Recheck your contact information, and be sure to respond to employers, the Voiland College Career and Professional Development office, ASCC, and employer relations contacts.

 Employment Search Plan

  • Make a list of organizations that are your “Plan A.”
  • Don’t limit yourself to the most attractive and in-demand employers where the competition for available positions is substantial. Research other organizations that you would also consider. These will be your “Plan B.”
  • Set up search agents on Handshake, Voiland CareerShift and other job boards that will help you identify open positions.
  • Research your target organizations, the organizations’ industries, and the functional area in which you are interested.

 Cover Letter Review

  • Contact the Voiland Career & Professional Development office (EME 202H) or ASCC to review your cover letter.
  • Describe what you can do for an organization rather than what you want it to do for you.

 Official Transcript Request

  • Order your latest official transcript from the Registrar so you’ll can have it on hand if required by an organization.
  • You may also need an unofficial transcript in case you need to upload it to a system with maximum document size requirements. (Watermarked documents are usually large.)

 Visit the Voiland Career & Professional Development Office (EME 202H)

  • Touch base with Sandi Brabb in the Voiland Career & Professional Development Office to review your résumé and cover letter, discuss your goals, and iron out your job/internship search plan.
  • Practice answering interview questions via InterviewStream, WSU’s online interview practice program. (
  • Take part in mock interviews with the Voiland Career & Professional Development office or ASCC so that you will feel comfortable when you are selected for an employer interview.

 Expand Network

  • If you are not on LinkedIn, set up an account.
  • Networking can lead to employment.
  • Look for friends, family, and alumni who are working at your target organizations and build relationships. LinkedIn has a tip sheet that can assist you (

Handshake: WSU’s Online Employment Resource Website
Handshake is Washington State University’s free online employment resource website for students and alumni.

Students and alumni can login to Handshake with their WSU Network ID and password. Alumni and community members who do not have access to a Network ID and password can email to request an account. For more employment opportunities, please visit


The Professional Development Initiative provides a range of programs, training opportunities, and resources to graduate and professional students that will help prepare them for academic and career success. View the event calendar HERE and visit the PDI website to learn about future events and student resources.



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