About SDC

At the School of Design and Construction at Washington State University we are:

Four programs in Architecture, Construction Management, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture.

Integrated: our curriclum and experiences mirror the professions and industries of the 21st century.

Questioning tradition, challenging convention, and building the future.

Active, innovative, collaborative, and creative.

We. Are. SDC.

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The linked video was created by SDC alumnus Kyle Redzinak (M.Arch ’16) on his iPhone, to give prospective students and visitors an inside look at the School of Design and Construction. Go Cougs!

The School of Design and Construction (SDC) is administered by the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA). The mission of a land-grant university is essential to the college and to the SDC, particularly its devotion to openness, accessibility, and service to people.

The SDC is committed to providing an environment that fosters applied research and outreach to advance the design and construction professions. Dedicated faculty deliver top quality instruction for which its programs have become institutionally notable, highly regarded across the West, and professionally accredited (by NAAB, ACCE, CIDA, and LAAB).

The SDC hosts a rigorous gallery and lecture series, integrates travel as a critical compoment of the curriculum, and coordinates with prospective employers towards job opportunities for students. Students also have opportunities to work with faculty in significant areas such as:

The Solar Decathlon – a student led competition to design, build, and market a home that produces as much energy as it uses (net-zero). The Solar Decathlon involve students and faculty from the entire school, as well as other departments and programs across the university.

Rural Communities Design Initiative (RCDI) – a program that provides community based outreach learning projects.

The Institute for Sustainable Design – a collaborative initiative between the School of Design and Construction, Civil Engineering, and the WSU Composite Materials Engineering Research Center (CMEC.)

The Integrated Design Experience Studio (IDeX) – closely aligned with the ISD, the IDeX studio serves as the vehicle for implementing much of the grant opportunities from the ISD.

Individual Faculty Research – related to special projects, design competitions, exhibitions, and more.

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