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Trimble Lab

Trimble Technology Lab

The School of Design and Construction (SDC) was recently awarded a grant from Trimble valued at almost $22 million (software + hardware) to establish the Trimble Technology Lab at WSU. This lab will be a space in which students learn to work effectively with various technologies applicable to the construction industry and to work collaboratively with global partners and emerging technologies in the fields of design and construction. With the capabilities the new lab will bring to our school, we will be able to integrate Trimble software and hardware into the curriculum and work with students and faculty to conduct research.

The Trimble Technology Lab will be a dedicated space accessible to all students in the SDC (Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Construction Management), Construction Engineering, and Civil Engineering. We are proposing to convert an existing space in Daggy Hall into the Trimble Technology Lab. This space is sufficiently large (3,348 square feet) to accommodate a full classroom of students with computers as well as floor space for mixed reality, virtual reality, surveying and building layout exercises. The space, formerly a black box theater, which means the space has high ceilings, a flat floor, and the existing electrical infrastructure is more than adequate for the needs of a lab.

The proposed lab layout is anticipated to include the following:

• A classroom (computer lab) area with rows of tables and individual computers to accommodate a minimum of 60 students.
• An instructor area equipped with a podium, computer, marker boards, projector, and two projection screens to project lecture materials.
• Two separate/isolated rooms within the space will be constructed. One space will provide storage for hardware utilized for hands-on exercises. The other space will be used for VR/AR/MR exercises.
• A large space around the perimeter of the room is reserved for layout, surveying, and laser scanning.

We strongly believe that the large interior space that allows for hands-on hardware exercises alongside software exercises in the same space will provide a unique opportunity for our students and a prototypical model for future Trimble Technology Labs.

Additionally, the lab computers will be equipped with these software offerings from Trimble – SketchUp Pro, Sefaira, Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, WinEst, Vico Office Suite, Trimble Business Center and RealWorks (survey/point cloud), Trimble Connect Platform, SketchUp Viewer for Hololens.