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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

6.2 Student Travel Guidelines

University faculty and staff who require and/or oversee official travel by students are responsible for observing the following procedures (BPPM 95.13). These procedures apply to official student travel which is undertaken for purposes of:

  1. WSU class listed in the schedule of classes;
  2. Off-campus activities of recognized university student groups or university organizations;
  3. University administrative or departmental activities.

University student travel may be supported by a departmental account, a special course fee account (visit Course Fee Expenditure Guide 8.2), or the student’s personal funds.

Statement of Expectations

The responsible faculty or staff member must distribute a written statement to students prior to travel that includes the items listed below. This information may be included in a course syllabus or other document.

  • Travel objective;
  • Relationship of the travel to the group activity;
  • Financial arrangements including anticipated expenses to be paid by the participant;
  • Extent of any WSU support for the travel including the budgets available for that support;
  • Departure/arrival time(s) and date(s);
  • Destinations and planned travel routes;
  • Mode of transportation.
  • Hazardous situations and/or locations likely to be encountered, along with recommendations regarding medical insurance or liability responsibility (Travel Assumption of Risk Form 10.9).
  • Class absence request form (for absences from classes during travel period SDCPPM 10.1).

Travel Arrangements

The responsible faculty or staff member specifies the travel arrangements (Travel Guide 6.4). Travel for purposes of class field trips or university group activities must be organized by the responsible faculty or staff member.

Participation Agreement Form


Student Conduct Form


Student Private Vehicle Opt-out Form