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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

4.9 Repeat Policy for SDC Prefix Courses


According to WSU academic regulations, students may repeat a course in which they have received a grade of C- or below, or a withdrawal (W), or when a course may be repeated for additional credit. Students may enroll more than once in the same course in any given term (fall, spring, or summer) provided that the particular periods of enrollment do not overlap and that other conditions for allowed repeats are met.


  • Repeating courses graded C- or below. To attempt to improve the cumulative grade point average, a student may repeat courses in which a C- or below was received. When such a course is repeated, only the last grade contributes to the grade point average and total hours earned.
  • Students may repeat a course graded C- or below one time at WSU. Additional repeats are allowed at WSU by special permission of the academic unit offering the course.  Repeats are allowed as transfer credit from another institution.  However, the series of repeats and grades is retained on the student’s academic record. Only courses identified as acceptable equivalents according to the appropriate department, the Transfer Guide, or the Admissions Office are treated as repeats. If courses deemed equivalent in content differ in credit hours, the credit hours of the repeat course supersede the credit hours of the original course.
  • Repeating for additional credit. Some courses have been approved for repeat credit, i.e., the student may re-enroll in the course during a subsequent term and credit may be accumulated. Such courses are designated in the WSU catalog as “May be repeated for credit” and will list the maximum credit limitation. Courses which have been approved for repeat credit, such as topics, may offer multiple sections of a course during any one term. Students may enroll in more than one section of these courses in any one term provided that the specified particular topics and titles differ.

Repeat credit policies apply to all SDC prefix courses, including those required for certification into one of the four SDC majors.