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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

4.4 Student Fees

SDC Course Fees
Course fees are associated with specific courses for students in the School of Design and Construction. Course fees are administered in coherence with university policies and regulations. Course fees provide funds for tools, equipment, or products that have continuing value to the specific student charged for the fee.  Course fees also provide for the purchase of services not normally provided by WSU (including, but not limited to) expenses related to specialized field trips; off-campus construction of student designs; and operations expenses associated with computer laboratories.

  • Course Fees for student travel
    • Course fees may be used to cover expenditures related to student | faculty (teaching the course) travel. This includes the cost of contractual services in connection with transportation of students | faculty from place to place (e.g. flights, charter buses, motor pool); furnishing of accommodations related to actual travel (e.g. hotels, hostels, or other lodging); and/or other expenses necessitated by travel. Students are typically responsible for all meals and personal incidentals associated with travel. Faculty| staff may be reimbursed up to appropriate per diem levels for the city/location being visited.
  • Computing Fees
    • Fees provide support for ongoing access to services and equipment and as such, they apply to students both on-campus and off-campus (e.g. study abroad, internships). Fees are commensurate with costs of access and support and as such, they may be modified from year-to year. Current fee structure and pricing is located on the SDC website.
  • Shop Fees
    • Students who are certified in one of the design programs at the SDC (including graduate students) are charged a shop fee commensurate with current and ongoing access to high-quality equipment and supplies. Students who are a certified major or graduate student in one of the programs at the SDC are charged a student computing fee commensurate with providing support for the cloud-based software and computing environment at the SDC.