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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

3.17 Committees and Service

All faculty and staff are expected to perform service, whether to their program, school, college, and/or university.  The director, in consultation with the leadership team, shall make a concerted effort to place faculty and staff on committees and into service in a strategic and equitable manner.

Committees and/or service activities are intended to last through the academic year but may be reinstated for the following year to maintain momentum or to complete tasks.  Committee makeup is subject to change based upon availability, expertise, or other factors.  At the discretion of the director, new committees, appointees to existing committees, or replacements of committee members may be formed during the academic year.  College administration may request appointments at any time. Committees and service appointments each year may include some of the following:

SDC-Level Committees

  • Architectural Engineering Degree/Track Exploratory Committee
  • Digital-Computer-Software Committee
  • Lecture Series Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Curriculum Coordination Committee
  • Digital Fabrication Committee
  • SDC 250-350 Committee (Global History of Design)
  • Safety Committee
  • Strategic Plan Update Committee
  • Tenure-Track Mentor Committees
  • Internship/Co-op Coordinators

College Committees/Service

  • VCEA ADVANCE Liaison
  • VCEA Assessment Committee
  • VCEA Building Coordinators
  • VCEA/SDC Faculty Senator
  • VCEA Tenure and Promotion Committee Rep

University Service

  • Academic Integrity Hearing Board
  • Campus Arts Committee
  • Campus Landscape Advisory Committee
  • Campus Tree Committee
  • Center for Civic Engagement Advisory Board
  • CEREO Committee
  • General University Classroom Committee Rep
  • Historic Preservation Committee
  • Honors Council
  • University Ombudsman’s Office