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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

3.15 Fabrication Laboratories Manager

Summary of Duties
Performs complex engineering technician work such as independently designing complete systems, peripherals, data acquisition programs or interfaces. Responsibilities include coordinating, maintaining, and operating the college wood shop; developing a safety program to ensure appropriate training and operation of tools, equipment, and shop space; assisting teaching faculty in delivery of certain courses; assisting and instructing students, faculty, and staff in shop usage; training and supervising student shop assistants; maintaining tools and equipment, and ensuring that the shop is a safe and welcoming facility for users.

Design and Fabrication (50%)

  • Provide a workshop-learning environment where students can gain the skills to solve three-dimensional problems through hands on experience.
  • Assist faculty with the teaching of wood-working courses. Provide training and instruction for the safe operation of wood working tools and equipment.
  • Help students determine appropriate technique and procedure for resolving various construction challenges.
  • Act as a resource for information on materials, techniques, processes and practices.
  • Assist Performing Arts staff and members of the student theatre organization STAGE with projects related to performances in the Jones and Wadleigh theatres.
  • Work with Performing Arts staff to coordinate shop activities with the Hones Theatre performance schedule.

Other (5%)

  • Assist students and faculty with projects that directly relate to coursework and research.
  • Perform programming, maintenance, training, scheduling of CNC router and laser cutters.
  • Train and supervise irregular help and work-study employees in proper and safe shop techniques and skills. Train shop employees to interact effectively with all shop users, creating a user-friendly environment in the shops such that persons with wide ranging skills and experiences feel welcome.

Shop Safety (15%)

  • Provide a safe and clean working environment for shop users by implementing and ensuring compliance with safety policies and practices.
  • Conduct safety orientations for individuals and groups of new users on an ongoing basis.
  • Establish and maintain documentation records for safety training.

Equipment and Inventory (10%)

  • Plan for and purchase consumables, tools, and new equipment to expand or improve shop capabilities.
  • Track inventory of wood shop tools and equipment and evaluate new equipment and techniques recommended for purchase of replacement tools and equipment.
  • Perform preventative maintenance requirements, troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, anticipate needed supplies, and maintain inventory of such supplies.