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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

3.14 Information Systems Coordinator

Summary of Duties
The Information Systems Coordinator is responsible for maintaining all staff and faculty computers and all computers for the instructional labs and student labs. This position provides assistance in resolving problems with computing and/or network components using information technology systems and/or services, including troubleshooting and resolving problems that span heterogeneous systems and networked workstations and devices. This position reports to the director of the SDC and coordinates with IT staff from VCEA for maintaining all servers, active directory, email, printing, and other virtual servers as well as planning and implementing system of infrastructure upgrades. The specialist also works with WSU Central IT as necessary for networking problems or expansion. This position maintains a service center for printing as well as digital security for students and staff.

Student Support (30%)

  • Provide support to all students in the use of SDC-owned computers and equipment.
  • Create and administer student accounts for printing and computer use.
  • Assist students in printing and editing documents prior to printing on large format printers.
  • Provide general advice and assistance on helping students install required software for SDC courses and offer support suggestions for malfunctions or other problems.
  • Manage print server software and add funds for students as necessary from CougarCash.

Faculty and Staff Support (15%)

  • Provide hardware and software support to all faculty and staff members.
  • Provide general computing and telecommunications support. (e.g., networking, system configuration, setup and software configuration, connections and protocols on LANs and WANs) including issues related to SDC computers, tablets, printers, etc., and persona equipment connecting to SDC resources.
  • Work with faculty to identify opportunities for curricular development and information technology applications, distance learning and instructional media services.

Infrastructure Maintenance and Inventory (25%)

  • Maintain all computing resources including printers, plotters, projectors, notebook computers, laptop computers, computer labs, etc. including most major repairs and daily maintenance tasks.
  • Configure hardware and operating systems software in support of networked equipment, software tools and applications.
  • Work with other SDC staff members as necessary to assist with maintenance of laser cutters, 3D Printers and other digital equipment.
  • Work with EECS staff, as necessary, to perform repairs or replacement. If system repairs cannot be performed in house, this position is responsible for arranging the work to be performed.

System / Server / Network Maintenance and Upgrades (15%)

  • Work with EECS staff on system upgrades, server and network maintenance, project planning and maintaining Active Directory and virtual servers. This includes planning and implementing system software or upgrades, data backup and disaster recovery procedures, operating system enhancements, and/or new service offerings, including integration with other systems in the university.

Various tasks and responsibilities (15%)

  • Make recommendations relative to supported hardware and software configurations and package.
  • Participate in product evaluation and testing.
  • Coordinate computer equipment and inventory control including purchasing of equipment and supplies.
  • Provide Director with cost projections and budgets.
  • Develop training materials and conduct training programs and workshops on the use of information technologies and/or presenting technical concepts, procedures, policies and processes for students and faculty.
  • Plan and implement database and/or data dictionary software installation, upgrades and new service offerings.
  • Monitor and maintain school security systems, programmable door locks, and cameras.
  • Work with information technology vendors and other to assess and acquire third-party applications, tools, and/or infrastructure components and integrate them into the application environment.
  • Participate on various committees as necessary.
  • Other related duties as assigned or delegated.