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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

3.11 Administrative Manager

Summary of Duties
The Administrative Manager is responsible for managing the administrative functions for the School of Design and Construction (SDC) and providing confidential support to the director.  The following is an abbreviated version of the full position description.

Budget Management (35%)

  • Manage, monitor, prepare, and project school budgets (including state, summer, accruals, grants, course fees, development funds, etc.) in conjunction with the director, fiscal staff, and BPPM policies and procedures;
  • Assist with development and implementation of graduate assistantship budget and appointment processing;
  • Work with faculty to prepare grant proposals for submission;
  • Coordinate with director regarding signature authority;
  • Work with college level administrators for budget review exercises and requests, including journal vouchers, accruals, and commitment reimbursements;
  • Prepare the SDC working budget, manage changes, and communicate numbers with the director;
  • Work with International Programs for all faculty led travel programs.

Administrative Support (30%)

  • Provide day-to-day oversight for administrative functions at the SDC (e.g. ensuring staffing at the front desk during business hours; facility maintenance; and emergencies);
  • Coordinate and provide support for faculty and staff searches; new hires; tenure and promotion; and annual reviews;
  • Organize scholarship process including communication with students, supporting scholarship committee, determining funding availability, and administering awards;
  • Attend, arrange, and ensure accurate minutes from weekly SDC leadership team and monthly faculty/staff meetings;
  • Administer events throughout the year (e.g. advisory board meetings, commencement, receptions);
  • Work with the director and appropriate faculty on tenure and promotion support and annual reviews process;
  • Determine “to-make” numbers for Summer Session faculty and process all appointment paperwork as necessary.

Personnel and Supervision (25%)

  • Process work authorization documents for faculty, staff, and students;
  • Manage and maintain position control system for unit (OPDRS) including position descriptions and funding sources;
  • Establish and maintain personnel files for faculty, staff, students, and temporary employees;
  • Process work authorization documents for faculty, staff, and students (including PERMS, TEMPS, I-9s, and H1-B’s);
  • Process all PA and PAPRR paperwork to update permanent positions as necessary;
  • Coordinate with HRS on behalf of faculty and staff requests;
  • Coordinate with International Programs on behalf of faculty and staff needs;
  • Establish and maintain personnel files for faculty, staff, students, and temporary employees.

Other Duties (10%)

  • Attend SDC, college, and university meetings and serve on relevant committees as necessary;
  • Manage studio and office moves, cleaning, and storage needs for SDC facilities;
  • Perform other duties as essential for the effective operation of the SDC.