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School of Design + Construction Policies + Procedures

1.2 Mission, Vision, and Values


The School of Design and Construction offers an integrated educational and research community that fosters innovation, application, leadership, and diversity in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and construction management.


The School of Design and Construction is the leading model for integrated design and construction education and research in the West. The school is committed to producing graduates who are highly skilled in the collaborative work environments crucial to the delivery of the built environment that exceed standards for time, money, and performance; and for research that demonstrates the value of integration within the professions. Our work promotes innovative, human-centered design and business practices of the highest quality while providing hands-on, applied coursework that develops skills in leadership, creativity, management, critical thinking, civic engagement, and social responsibility.


  • A commitment to enhancing the educational experience and providing value to our students.
  • An integrated, cooperative, and collaborative spirit.
  • Engagement, outreach, and application that prepares students for the workplace.
  • Creativity, experimentation, and ideas that aid the professions.
  • Discovery, innovation, and leadership.
  • Freedom of expression and ideas.
  • Respect for global diversity, social equity, and alternative perspectives.
  • Dedication to a sustainable and healthy environment.
  • Accountability, integrity, and trust.