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Faculty + Staff Profiles

Sue-Lani Madsen

Sue-Lani Madsen

Instructor 509-335-5539 Carpenter Hall 114 PO Box 642220

Sue Lani Madsen is an experienced architect and project manager with over 30 years serving public and private clients. Primary areas of practice have been institutional and commercial work. Using her background in public works contracting and technical specifications, Sue Lani has served on a number of Dispute Resolution Boards as well as solo Project Neutral for a variety of vertical construction projects. She is from the “old school,” steeped in the tradition of an architect’s duty to fairly and impartially administer contracts. Sue Lani retired from active practice in 2010 to focus on the family ranch and small project work in rural Washington.


Bachelor of Architecture, Washington State University.

Washington AgForestry Foundation Leadership Program (2008).