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Faculty + Staff Profiles

Gracjan Kraszewski

Gracjan Kraszewski

Instructor 509-335-5539 Carpenter Hall 114 PO Box 642220

Before joining the School of Design and Construction, Gracjan Kraszewski earned his PhD in History from Mississippi State University and taught in the history department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2017-2019. During the summer of 2019 Gracjan co-led (with professor Katherine Kraszewska) a study abroad program based in Cremolino, Italy and Paris involving students in the UIUC Department of Landscape Architecture entitled Literature and the Utopian Landscape.

Gracjan’s historical manuscript (revised dissertation) about Southern Catholics during the American Civil War is under contract and forthcoming with The Kent State University Press. His academic articles have appeared in Religious and Sacred Poetry, North Alabama Historical Review, The Polish Review, and Idaho Magazine with a piece forthcoming in The Catholic Historical Review. A translation (Polish→English) is chapter one of Aleksandra Ziółkowska-Boehm’s book, The Polish Experience through World War II. Author of a novel entitled The Holdout (Adelaide Books, 2018), short fiction has appeared in Wilderness House Literary Review, Eclectica Magazine, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Southern Distinctive, PILGRIM, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Bull: Men’s Fiction, RumbleFish Press, Five on the Fifth, and on The Short Humour Site.

Gracjan is natively fluent in English and Polish, at a good level with French, and has conversational ability in Russian and Italian.