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Faculty + Staff Profiles

Ayad Rahmani

Ayad Rahmani

ProfessorArchitecture 509-335-7393 Carpenter Hall 114 PO Box 642220

Ayad Rahmani has been with Washington State University since 1997. His teaching efforts center on undergraduate design studios (including a firm-based summer studio in Seattle), the World of Design and Construction foundation course, a “10 best cities” theory course, and an architectural criticism course at the graduate level. Rahmani is a licensed architect in the state of Pennsylvania and has professional practice experience at ALSC (Spokane), Hayes Large Architects (Pennsylvania) and Morris Architects (Maryland). Rahmani’s research focuses on the intersection between critical theory and architecture with recent inquiry into the areas of global urban development and parametric productions. His recent work on Dubai looks at the emergence of that city less as a place and more as a post colonial construct seeking to counteract years of domination by colonial rule.

Rahmani’s book with Bashir Kazimee, on Eastern Islamic cities published in 2003, examines the role that space and architecture play in shaping culture and meaning in the Islamic context in general but three central Asian cities in particular: Isfahan, Lahore and Kabul. A longstanding aspect of his scholarship has been defined by work on Kafka and Architecture, the outcome of which was published in his book Kafka’s Architectures: Doors, Rooms, Stairs and Windows of an Intricate Literary Edifice (2014).


Master of Architecture in Building Design, Washington University (St. Louis).

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University.