Study Tours

Integrated Study Tour

ARCH 401 + SDC 444
September 21 – 27, 2014

Future Students

The School of Design + Construction offers students a unique learning experience that is designed to provide the foundation for a career of leadership and success.

Our programs are founded upon collaborative learning while offering the discipline specific skills needed for professional practice. Our students  are leaders in their field and are integral in the design and construction of many significant buildings and places throughout world.

As undergraduates, students are provided with opportunities for highly collaborative coursework allowing an understanding of all allied disciplines. Students may be involved in research with faculty particularly through our Institute for Sustainable Design as well as our upper division IDX Studio.

Undergraduates also participate in off campus study tours throughout the US and overseas.

Transfer students are encouraged to apply to our programs and should contact the academic coordinators for information on admission processes and application deadlines.

Graduate students receive professional accredited education in our Master of Architecture program. Graduate students in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture receive a Master of Arts in Interior Design and a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture respectively.

Professional accredited programs in interior design and landscape architecture will become available over the next several years.