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Integrated Study Tour

ARCH 401 + SDC 444
September 21 – 27, 2014


The School of Design + Construction is dedicated to providing the highest quality discipline specific and integrated education in the nation.

Our graduates have prominent positions in firms and organizations throughout the country and our programs continue to be well respected and competitively ranked. Our long standing reputation of extraordinary graduates is due to our exceptional students and faculty.

However, we cannot continue with the quality of education you expect without support from individuals and the private sector. There are many different ways for you to contribute and give back to the SDC. Individual donations at any level are always greatly appreciated.

We understand that giving levels vary greatly however small donations have a cumulative effect and together provide continuing resources.

WSU is in the midst of a $1 Billion Campaign scheduled to be completed in 2015.

Some of our specific initiatives are identified below.

  • Weller Architecture Development Fund: This fund provides resources to support ongoing needs of the school such as accreditation and general student support through scholarships and student study tours.
  • Specific Scholarships: Funds for scholarships in each of the four disciplines are always greatly appreciated. Funds may be designated for a specific discipline.
  • Graduate Scholarships: you may designate your gift to go directly to a scholarship to support graduate education in any discipline.
  • Poe Faculty Position: Funds support the industry sponsored faculty position in construction management
  • Poe Development Fund: Funds are used for program needs for Construction Management.

Additional giving opportunities are identified below:


  • Distinguished Chair of Integrated Education
  • Distinguished Critics
  • Distinguished Chair in Construction Management


  • 10 Undergraduate Scholarships at $25,000 each
  • 20 Graduate Fellowships @$25,000 each
  • Integrated Education Symposium Endowment
  • Distinguished Critics

Donors are also able to establish endowments for a specific purpose. Endowments provide a method of providing an ongoing legacy to future students in the SDC.

If you have questions regarding establishing a gift for the SDC please contact:

Bridget Pilcher
Assistant Director of Development
College of Engineering and Architecture