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Fall 2017 

“Shape Your Shelter” November 8-17

In this exhibition you can find the full scale shelter and 14 proposals for the homeless shelter designed by students as part of assistant professor Mona Ghandi’s third year architecture studio (spring 2017). Three of these designs were awarded as first, second, and third place in the AIA Spokane Student Award show in April 2017.

There are approximately 1,185 homeless people living in Spokane and about 170 homeless families, most of which are suffering from the extreme consequences of poverty. Students were charged with designed an affordable, portable, flexible, self-stand, compact, and efficient shelter for homeless, using computational design and emergent technologies.

By using the potentials embedded in emergent technologies, computational design, digital fabrication, and materials behavior, students fabricated a shelter that can better serve the homeless population and bring them back their dignity. This shelter not only provides the safe place for homeless and accommodates their basic needs, but it can also make an environment to play, and function as a business incubator or pop-up shop. Giving a homeless person the ability to become financially independent can lead to their recovery.

Ghandi continues working with the city of Spokane through a pilot program in hopes of creating a longer-term plan. The show will be on dislpay November 8-17.

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“Unconventional Pairings” October 16-November 3

What do artist Andy Warhol, architect Frank Gehry, and a 1950’s purple tulle pageant dress have in common? Design, of course! This compelling new exhibit features installations that express the universal language of design through the dynamic lenses of Fine Art, Performing Art, Apparel and Design.

Exhibition will run October 16 – November 3, and will be open for viewing between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday -Friday.

Read more at WSU News: Oct. 16-Nov. 3: ‘Unconventional Pairings’ exhibit at School of Design, Construction Gallery

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