Carpenter and Daggy Halls

The School of Design and Construction is housed in Carpenter Hall and Daggy Hall, respectively.

Carpenter Hall was one of seven buildings designed by the first University architect and first chair of the Architecture Department, Rudolph Weaver. First known as the Mechanic Arts (or Mechanical Arts) Building, it was named on October 22nd, 1949 after H. V. Carpenter, the first dean of the College of Mechanic Arts and Engineering.

Today, Carpenter Hall houses gallery space, classrooms, administrative offices, and studios utilized by the School of Design and Construction.

Daggy Hall houses studio space utilized by students in the school’s foundation core curriculum (SDC 120 and 140), as well as the material resource library, the Fab Labs, two computer labs, and faculty offices.

Daggy Hall is also home to the Jones Theatre, where for the second year running, School of Design and Construction students collaborated with WSU Performing Arts to design and build sets for the WSUPA spring theater production.

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