The Odyssean Hand: Rethinking the design journey through narrative and storytelling

Olson Kundig has paired up with WSU Master of Architecture students to host the ARCH 510 Summer Immersion Studio. For the past month, twelve students have taken residency in their downtown Seattle office and have pushed forward unexpected projects blurring the line between dream and reality.

The Odyssean Hand is an experimental studio that investigates process and rethinks the design journey through narrative and storytelling, with Homer’s Odyssey the foundation for the studio. Each student has become Odysseus and has embraced the complexities of a particular challenge from the tale. Through a series of curated assignments, each has pulled their own unique thesis from the lines of the text. The resultant architectural notions have been superimposed on the city of Seattle, merging the world of words and imagination with the texture and physicality of our environment.

Group discussion

Together, on Friday, June 30th, the students will retell the story of the Odyssey as a series of architectural explorations within the city. After the story, Olson Kundig will celebrate with a gallery style exhibition of their work. The event will take place at Olson Kundig (6th floor) starting at 4pm.

The studio has been led by Olson Kundig’s Laura Bartunek (Associate) and Elisa Renouard (Architectural Staff).

Laura Bartunek and Elisa Renouard