Students Shine at Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

In a record setting year for Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities [SURCA] participation by School of Design and Construction students, Interior Design Seniors Uris Giron and Miranda McCrory were both recognized with ‘Gray Awards’ in the Arts and Design category.Their respective research posters based on projects with the Rural Communities Design Initiative were titled ‘Learning Through Play | Loose Parts Playscape’ and ‘Museum as Learning Environment’.  Both were mentored by Kathleen Ryan – congratulations are in order for Uris, Miranda and Kathleen!

In total, the SDC was represented by 15 students (10 Interior Design; 4 Landscape Architecture; 1 Architecture). The annual awards were held on March 30, 2015.

SURCA2015   SURCA2015_Miranda McCrory_winner of Gray Award   SURCA2015_Uris Giron_winner of Gray Award

Group Photo: almost all of the SDC students who presented at SURCA Showcase of Undergraduate research and Creative Activities | SURCA 2015.Wanji Ndambiri, Meghan Hoiness, Michelle Steele, Kendra Bone, Cori Jou, Kyle Braun , Kyra Christiansen, Miranda McCrory, Susie Gomez, Ciara Dahm, Ashley Hope. Out of view: Uris Giron, Jonathan Younce, Keli Haffner.