Students Design Tiny Houses After A Night In A Tent City

As featured on KPLU 88.5

Homelessness is definitely on the minds of a lot of us in the Northwest right now and its seems like there is some real urgency in trying to find the best ways to help. One group of architecture students from Washington State University are taking it further than most. Their latest class project is to design a transitional house that would sit in somebody’s backyard and provide shelter for a homeless person.

The Architecture 403 studio, led by faculty member Taiji Miyasaka, with Rex Hohlbein, a founder of Facing Homelessness in Seattle, came to Seattle a few weeks ago, met with advocates and experts, and then spent the night in a tent city. The idea was to get to know some of the people they’re trying to help and incorporate those insights into their design. Gabriel Spitzer talks with one of the students, Alex Wolfe, about what the night in Tent City was like and how it might influence his work.

The course has created a Facebook  page “SHIFT – Perspectives on Homelessness” where more information and photos are available.