School of Design and Construction Creates First Integrated Design Research Studio

As the first SDC Integrated Design Research Studio, students from Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture, will collaborate to create design solutions for Spokane’s University District in conjunction with SMART.CITY|SPOKANE.

This effort is an integrated design research collaborative that will explore emergent ideas associated with the Smart City – data driven decision making, interactive environments, and an internet of things. Our work will investigate how the built environment can use Smart City ideas to facilitate resource management, build community, and promote health and well-being.

To advance this initiative, ID 425, ARCH 570 and ID 525, ARCH 511 and 513, and LA 470, led by faculty members Judy Theodorson, Saleh Kalantari, Darrin Griechen, and Steve Austin respectively, will pursue parallel, coordinated streams of inquiry. The studios will be co-planned with strategic intersections in the form of interdisciplinary teamwork, charettes, lectures, workshops, peer reviews, and community meetings.

Results of this work will be announced and shared throughout the Fall 2015 semester.