ROBOBBLE: An Interactive Form-Making Installation

ROBOBBLE is an interactive art installation that explores the possibilities of real-time adaptation in design, materiality, and form. Using contemporary digital technologies, ROBOBBLE blurs the boundaries between designer and user.

Employing a flexible mesh and a tessellated fabrication method, ROBOBBLE allows audiences to modify the installation’s overall geometry, using basic methods of digital modeling such as push, pull, and soft-transformations. Audience members who interact with ROBOBBLE are able to create customized sculpted forms through the use of a simple Smartphone application, and to see the real-time results in physical space. The sculpture constantly changes based on different audience members’ taste and input.

ROBOBBLE is a collaborative effort between Saleh Kalantari, Ebrahim Poustinchi, and Marcus Blaisdell.

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Opening November 13 at 4:30pm in Fine Arts Gallery 3