Kaytes, Jolie B.

Kaytes, Jolie B.

Associate Professor, Program Head, Landscape Architecture

Email: jolie@wsu.edu
Phone: 509.335.7331
Office: CARP 114

My teaching and scholarship integrate disciplinary perspectives and focus on recognizing and celebrating the complexity of landscapes.  I am particularly interested in how landscapes are represented, how design can be used as an environmental advocacy tool, the role of landscape architecture in food systems, and the Columbia River Basin.


I am committed to crafting curricula and creating learning experiences that allow students to explore how design can shift values and offer meaningful solutions to living sustainably, where “living sustainably” requires ongoing, critical consideration of how to live one’s day-to-day life such that it can positively contribute to environmental and social justice, and true democracy. The courses I teach are service-oriented and students are asked to confront complicated issues.  I concentrate on these issues because their immediacy grounds students’ work in the real and meaningful, because any investigation into these issues reveals their complexity.  Examining difficult stories become a way to uncover and intensify the foundations of civic life, the power of community, landscape and reciprocity.


My work takes the form of essay, imagery, and poetry.  It is informed by theoretical positions in ecology and design that emphasize the role of experience in how people construct landscapes.  It is also informed by the interrelated environmental issues of climate change, corporate control of landscapes, overpopulation, and water use.


My teaching and scholarship link disciplines and explore methods of expression that helps individuals observe, interact with, represent, and craft landscapes in ways that recognize and celebrate them as the multilayered manifestations of physical processes and human desires.  My commitment to these methods stems from an objective to create environments that facilitate acceptance of many perspectives about landscape; that engender invention, dialogue, and inquiry; and ultimately foster respect and care for the ground and those who inhabit it.

Curriculum Vitae

Master of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon

Bachelor of Science, Conservation and Resources Studies, University of California at Berkeley

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