“Parklet” focus of spring semester architecture studio

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Assistant Professor Mona Ghandi’s third year architecture studio is working with the Garland Sandwich Shoppe (Spokane) to design and install a “parklet,” a temporary sidewalk extension that can provide outdoor seating inside the parameters of a parking space or loading zone.

Parklet ARCH 303 spring 2018

Garland Sandwich Shoppe owner Kristen Speller said since they released their incredibly popular pickle sandwich, the Big Dill, business has been booming.

“The warmer months are our busiest times, it’s in saying especially since the whole pickle sandwich, The Big Dill, we are calling it the pickle pandemonium, we are just busy every single day and we don’t have enough seating, so this will almost double our seating and it lets people enjoy, you know, the sitting outside,” said Speller.

Speller said the parklet will seat 10 to 15 people. The main funding for the design is donated by the Inland Northwest Architecture Foundation.

The City of Spokane launched a pilot program in 2016 and installed two parklets downtown. The cost of parklets in Spokane can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000. The main funding for the design is donated by the Inland Northwest Architecture Foundation, but the Garland Sandwich Shoppe is also in the running for a Fed-Ex Grant to help them build the parklet.

The sandwich shop will also hold a fundraiser March 31 to help raise the funds they need for the parklet.

Parklet ARCH 303 spring 2018 2

As featured on KREM 2 News. Author: Kierra Elfalan. Published: 5:54 AM PDT March 28, 2018. Updated: 7:35 AM PDT March 28, 2018.

Also featured in WSU Insider, April 18, 2018