“Morphogenesis” An Exploration in Masonry Design

Masonry is as old as civilization, cutting across cultures old and new. Trying to change it is likely to be met with resistance and denial. Yet, this was the aim of the 3rd year studio led by Mona Ghandi and Ayad Rahmani, not to overlook the importance of tradition but to explore new possibilities through the lens of emerging technologies.

This studio showcases the new possibilities of masonry as a building material through the use of computational design and digital fabrication. It not only represents a final expression but lessons developed over the entire semester, starting with a review of the relationship between the part and the whole and ending with a keen interest in pushing masonry toward a dynamic and participatory end.

Throughout, the students were challenged to study our visual bias to the material, think about its manner of connecting the part with the whole, and rethink its capacity to affect and contribute to the spaces in which we live and enjoy. Rather than a static set of bricks, here masonry was pushed to accept an evolving scenario, specifically a farmer’s market whose transitory condition provided the means to see in masonry a kinetic possibility, accepting and accommodating changes in the built environment.

The exhibit will open with a reception on Wednesday, December 6 @ 4:30pm in the Carpenter Hall Gallery and stay on display through Friday, December 15.

Opening poster