Miyasaka and Drake combine efforts for “Camera Perturba” at Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial: Metalmorphosis

David Drake and Taiji Miyasaka have collaborated once again to install a new piece, Camera Perturba, for the Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial: Metalmorphosis. This piece is located in the Court of Light on the third floor of the museum, where their previous installation, Night Blooming, was. Camera Perturba is scheduled to be displayed until February 5, 2017.

Below is a description of the project:

Abandoned steel tank, steel tube, water, lens, neoprene, paint, beeswax. Metal is extracted from the earth and transformed into vessels containing different substances at different scales—from a cup of water held in the hand, to immense tank farms dominating industrial landscapes.

Camera Perturba utilizes an abandoned tank, minimally altered. Conventionally used in a horizontal position, the tank is reoriented vertically, tilted at an angle which responds to its new site, and a small hole is made in its skyward-facing end. The tank becomes a camera obscura, a vessel for an image of the sky, projected into the dark space of its interior.

The bottom of the tank is filled with water, into which the inverted sky is projected. Viewers see this image through a viewport cut into the side of the tank. The surface, sensitive to perturbation, ripples in response to movement; this effect is amplified by the resonance of the steel tank. Only impossibly complete stillness grants an undisturbed picture—this Camera Perturba yields a moving image of the changing, undulating sky.

The interaction of light and darkness, stillness and motion; the materiality of the water and the tank; and the actions of the observer: all are united in a singular, momentary experience.