Interior Design Student Wins at Wiley Research Expo

Ky Christiansen, a senior in the interior design program, was a 2015 Wiley Research Exposition winner of 1st place in Undergraduate Excellence for her project titled “A Product of Sharing: Designing a Culturally Adaptive Exhibit.” Ky worked with her faculty mentor Kathleen Ryan, through the Rural Communities Design Initiative with the Museum of Anthropology and Nez Perce tribe to develop an exhibit of the former fishing grounds at Celilo Falls.

This year’s event was the most competitive thus far, with over three hundred applications in the initial round of submissions, and over one hundred and fifty presentations taking place the day of the event. As one of the winners of the conference, Ky will receive a scholarship in the amount of $1000, and will be recognized at the Graduate and Professional Student Association awards luncheon on April 24.


Ky Wiley Poster 2

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