Intercultural Architecture: Students immerse in visual culture of Barcelona



CIEE Architecture + Design, FALL 2016, NEWSLETTER II

More than halfway through the semester, CIEE Architecture and Design students are fully used to Barcelona, and they are also becoming fully acclimated to the specifics of architecture and design in the city.

Very appropriately, a few days ago local architect Genís Bargués gave a guest lecture for the program’s core class (The city in the visual culture), and he spoke about how having lived abroad had helped him become a better architect. Genís explained the challenges of practicing architecture out of one’s comfort zone, which he had experienced during the four years he lived and worked in Turkey.

Following the idea of Iñaki Ábalos, Chair of the Department of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design: “We must fight against beret: settle in a place does not give certainty. The formation of an architect is infinitely more interesting if it is able to have the world on the head.”


This first-hand architectural and intercultural experience is possible for CIEE students too! This semester, Parker Meade, a WSU architecture student, chose to bite the bullet, and he is interning with Demostudio. Check out his impressions about his experience in this video.