Global Lectures in Virtual Worlds

A series of global lectures presented by professors from several universities around the world will take place six times during the spring semester on Mondays from 8:15am-9am in Carpenter 220.  What makes this series unique is that the lectures take place in a virtual world. What attendees see, projected onto a screen in Carpenter 220, are the presenters and global audience members “in world” as avatars.

SDC students and their global collaborators from Virginia Tech and Bogacizi University (Istanbul) will present from their virtual world “CyberGRID,” developed by John E. Taylor and his graduate students at Virginia Tech, on Monday, March 2. Students will present on four existing buildings inspired by nature, along with with full-size models of the buildings.

Anne Anderson, assistant professor in construction management, and Nadia Frye, architecture instructor, are working with these students and the global lecture series as part of their co-taught spring seminar “Global Virtual Design, Construction, and Analysis.”

The full schedule of presentations is below.

Presenter University/Country Topic Paper Date/Time/Place
Dr. Iorio and Dr. Taylor Virginia Tech, USA Leadership Iorio, J. and Taylor, J. (2015). “Precursors to Engaged Leaders in Virtual Project Teams,” International Journal of Project Management, 33(2): 395-405. Feb 9, 20158:15-9:00amCarp 220
Dr. Alin Aalto University, Finland Boundary Objects/ Spanning Alin, P., Iorio, J. and Taylor, J. (2013). “Digital Boundary Objects as Negotiation Facilitators: Spanning Boundaries in Virtual Engineering Project Networks,” Project Management Journal, 44(3): 48-63. Feb 23, 20158:15-9:00amCarp 220
Students! Washington State University, Virginia Tech, Bogacizi University Bio-inspired buildings N/A March 2, 20158:00amCarp 220
Dr. Hartmann University of Twente, The Netherlands Semiotics TBA March 16, 20158:15-9:00amCarp 220
Dr. Comu Bogacizi University, Turkey Transactive Memory Systems Comu, S., Iorio, J., Taylor, J. and Dossick, C. (2013). “Quantifying the Impact of Facilitation on Transactive Memory System Formation in Global Virtual Project Networks,” ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 139(3): 294-303. March 30, 20158:15-9:00amCarp 220
Dr. Mahalingam Indian Institute of Technology, India Boundary Spanning Ramalingam, S. and Mahalingam, A. (2011). “Enabling conditions for the emergence and effective performance of technical and cultural boundary spanners in global virtual teams,” Engineering Project Organization Journal, 1(2), 121-141. April 13, 20158:15-9:00amCarp 220
Dr. Dossick and Dr. Anderson UW and WSU, USA Messy Talk Dossick, C.S., Anderson, A., Azari, R., Iorio, J., Neff, G., and Taylor, J. (2014). “Messy Talk in Virtual Teams: Achieving Knowledge Synthesis through Shared Visualizations” Journal of Management in Engineering, 10.1061/(ASCE)ME.1943-5479.0000301, A4014003. April 20, 20158:15-9:00amCarp 220