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ARCH 401 + SDC 444
September 21 – 27, 2014


Spring 2015

We are currently developing our spring 2015 symposium. Check back here for updated information.

In the meantime, please read about our Parametric Design Practices Symposium and Workshop from spring 2014.

Guest Lectures + Workshops | April 7th – April 9th
Carpenter Hall

Keynote Lectures + Panel Discussions | April 10th
Cub Auditorium

Poster (PDF)

Keynote Lectures Parametric Design Practices (PDF)

Schedule Parametric Design Practices (PDF)

Workshops Parametric Design Practices (PDF)

Over the last decade, parametric design techniques and concepts have become well-established in architecture, landscape architecture, and the construction industry. While the term parametric originates in mathematics, it has been adopted by other disciplines to model, among other things, natural and social phenomena. Its practical impact on design and construction stems from its capacity to connect systems seamlessly, creating a continuous network of relations between material surfaces, construction components and building infrastructure.

Diverse parametric modalities of design creativity and project analysis have influenced integrative design and construction practices as well as pedagogy. The workshops and symposium seek to first advance parametric principles, including teaching the computational programs fueling the approach, and second to parse some of the more theoretical issues that have surfaced from their emergence in industry, practice, education, and other areas of contemporary culture.

The following questions are some of the more pressing concerns the event will address.

How does parametric design influence:

• how design is practiced?

• where design begins?

• design intuition and design thinking?

• the instantiation of design ideas?

• how design is developed and fabricated?

• design and construction team work?

• teaching and learning?

The symposium and workshops will bring together practitioners and educators from across the design and construction fields.

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